Essential Wipes Plus Travel Tube - 3 Pak

Essential Wipes

Essential Wipes Plus! Discover our newest product! 

Stay clean and fresh everywhere with Essential Wipes Plus! These wipes are infused with Castile Soap that is clinically proven to disinfect while still offering all the therapeutic benefits of the Essential Oil infusion. A refreshing way to cleanse your hands and body when running water is not available. 

Still chemical-free and natural, Essential Wipes Plus are infused with the Original Essential Wipes therapeutic essential oils blend and Castile Soap to remove dirt, oil and germs— leaving your skin soft, supple, and thoroughly clean. 

Travel Tubes sold in a set of three. There are 10 Wipes in each Travel Tube. Perfect for being on the go. Compact and easy to take every. Put one in your car, purse or gym bag.  Use the Essential Wipes Eco Plus Pak to refill your Travel Tubes! 

Ingredients: Lavender Castile Soap, and a therapeutic blend of organic or wildcrafted essential oils: *Copaiba, **Lavender, **Ylang Ylang, **Niaouli and *Palo Santo (*wildcrafted **organic)

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