Supporting Health, Wellness & Adventure with the ability to be clean & fresh anywhere, anytime all while being environmentally conscious.

Through the use of Botanicals, we offer practical and aesthetic solutions to everyday circumstances, delivering wellness through personal hygiene and an easy way to refresh anywhere.

Simply put, Functional Botanicals is a company dedicated to applying the science of aromatherapy to the art of wellness.

What Makes Functional Botanicals Different?

Our wipes start as a pressed dry tablet of renewable bamboo fabric. Add less than 1 ounce of water and the tablet opens to an 8-by-11-inch durable cleansing towelette. Unlike other wipes, yours start out dry, allowing them to be lightweight, compact, and free of all chemical preservatives.
Perfect for hospitality, spa services, recreation, fitness and banquets.

Our Philosophy

We believe good hygiene is a key factor to good health, and we are dedicated to helping everyone feel their best in an active lifestyle - from spas to families and professionals, athletes to everyday outdoor enthusiasts.

Our mission is to support the world as a human/planet positive company by creating functional products that can greatly enhance quality of life anywhere while having the environment's best interest in mind!
We are two health conscious and fierce women heading families of active, health inspired, adventurers living in Ashland, Oregon and Encinitas, California.
We are committed to offering lifestyle education and cultural philanthropy and hope you join us in our endeavors.
Cassandra Davis is an entrepreneur, adventurer, mom, performer, and the founder and CEO of Functional Botanicals. She is a passionate and fierce woman, both in business and in life. She believes in healthy, clean living and created Functional Botanicals to offer every person on-the-go an easy way to freshen up wherever they are.
She loves living in beautiful Southern Oregon, surrounded by nature, organic farms, and an amazing and supportive community. When she is not hard at work, you’ll find Cassandra hard at play! She loves adventure in many forms including mountain biking, skiing, rock climbing, camping, surfing, trail running, and more.
Cortney Devlin Olmstead is a spa and wellness executive, mom and wife, lover of life and co-owner of Functional Botanicals. She believes in living life with passion and purpose both in work and her personal life. She grew up in the country and was an advocate for the environment at a young age so when Functional Botanicals entered her life, it was kismet. 

Cortney has done some extensive traveling! From Europe, to New Zealand, to India, where she spent three months at an Ayurvedic Retreat Hospital studying advance yoga. She is passionate about convenient products that are environmentally conscious. She lives a full and active life and loves spending time with her husband and three children.