A Revolutionary Way to be Fresh
A small miracle, an Essential Wipe is a compressed bamboo tablet infused with organic therapeutic essential oils. Add less than an ounce of water and they turn into an aromatic, cleansing, travel towelette. Compact and light, Essential Wipes are all natural with no alcohol or preservatives and are completely biodegradable, giving a pure and radiant experience.

Featuring a therapeutic blend of organic or wildcrafted essential oils:
*Copiaba, **Lavender, **Ylang Ylang, **Niouli and *Palo Santo
(*wildcrafted **organic)

3 Pak Essential Wipes Travel Tubes
Great for travel and feeling fresh anywhere!
Put in a purse, first aid kit, backpack or in the car.

10 Wipes in a tube - Each wipe weighs - 2.1 grams

Weighs - 1.1oz Length - 4 3/16"

Opens to a 8" x 10" biodegradable bamboo wipe
Essential Wipes ECO Pak
Eco Pak contains 35 Loose wipes.

This item is a perfect match for:

1. A daily skin care ritual. The essential oils are both cleansing and toning for the skin and are specifically combined to help with acne, puffiness and irritation.

2. Refilling Travel Tubes for on the go, minimizing packaging and waste! Take Essential Wipes to yoga class, on an air plane, or at the gym to feel fresh and at your best any time!

3. Sharing with a family or group on outings such as a boat, picnic or a weekend camping trip.

Essential Wipes Expedition Pak
The Essential Wipe Expedition Pak is for the professional adventurer!

240 Wipes total in the Expedition Pak
Choose from no Travel Tubes, 6 Travel Tubes or 12 to make your 240 Wipe Pak.

Either for your Burning Man Camp or guiding a professional expedition, this is the best value to help your crew be fresh and ready for action!

Same 5 Essential Oil Therapeutic formula and 8x11" bamboo wipes, just offered in a bigger metallic rice paper bag.

Essential Wipes Ingredients - 5 Botanicals (that's it)

  Often used topically for skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, bug bites and as an anti-fungal oil, it is a sustainably sourced resin-oil (oleoresin) from a tree in the northern Amazon.  Copaiba is harvested in a similar way to harvesting maple syrup, which means it has a high yield and does little damage to the tree.
Ylang Ylang
Ylang ylang:   Used as a topical antiseptic and to alleviate problems related to the sebaceous glands, it is helpful with acne and seborrheic eczema.  The oil is distilled from a vine native to the Philippines and Indonesia, and is related to the custard-apple tree family.

Lavender:   A widely used essential oil known for its calming and soothing properties, it also increases circulation, sanitizes the skin, is used for acne, psoriasis, cuts, burns, swelling and wrinkles.

An antiseptic to clean the skin and pores, which helps with acne, bug bites and wound healing, niaouli comes from a tree in the Australian wetlands, where is has been used as an indigenous medicine for centuries.
Palo Santo 
Promotes peacefulness and reduces  stress, anxiousness and headaches.  It is used in the Amazon of Peru as a natural insect repellent and to help reduce itching from mosquito bites.