Essential Wipes Plus Single Sachet

Functional Botanicals

Single-Use Essential Wipes Plus in a biodegradable sachet.

Essential Wipes Plus is infused with castile soap that is clinically proven to remove germs and disinfect while still offering all the therapeutic benefits of the Essential Oil infusion. Our new product is still chemical free and natural!
Essential Wipes Plus has extra cleansing power offering a better ability to stay clean and fresh anywhere - whether you’re on a plane, on the road, or out in the woods camping.

Starting out with a dry tablet (about the size of a nickel) made of pressed bamboo fabric, we added a specially formulated therapeutic blend of essential oils and soap. The blend is naturally antiseptic while being moisturizing to the skin and smells radiantly refreshing. Add less than an ounce of water and the tablet opens to an 8” x 11” durable antiseptic personal cleansing towelette. Unlike other wipes, Essential Wipes Plus starts out dry, allowing them to be lightweight, compact, and free of any chemical preservatives.

Lavender Castile Soap and a therapeutic blend of organic or wildcrafted essential oils: *Copaiba, **Lavender, **Ylang Ylang, **Niaouli and *Palo Santo (*wildcrafted **organic) Botanical Properties


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