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Proudly Offering These Products

Featuring our flagship product, the Essential Wipe. Using the combination of therapeutic essential oils and pressed biodegradable bamboo, Functional botanicals created a personal cleansing system that with a little water can greatly enhance quality of life and promote natural wellness by offering the ability to be clean and fresh anywhere.
Value propositions:
  • Portable and compact
  • Resource conservative
  • Convenient
  • Biodegradable
  • Aesthetic - smells good/ feels good
  • Naturally antiseptic
  • Nourishing to the skin
  • Innovative and versatile
Product Description:
Starting out with a dry tablet (about the size of a nickel made out of pressed bamboo fabric, we added a specially formulated therapeutic blend of essential oils. The blend is naturally antiseptic, while being moisturizing to the skin, and smells radiantly refreshing. Add less than an ounce of water and the tablet opens to an 8” x 11” durable antiseptic personal cleansing towelette.

Essential Wipes Product Suite

All Essential Wipes products feature the same therapeutic blend of organic or wildcrafted essential oils:
*Copaiba, **Lavender, **Ylang Ylang, **Niouli and *Palo Santo infused in biodegradable soft and durable bamboo wipes.
(*wildcrafted **organic)
Essential Wipes Case Display
$36 per case / $3 a unit 
12 units per case
10 applications in a tube 
UPC: 799422804487

Perfect for impulse buys such as the checkout counter. Also well placed in travel goods sections, backpacking supplies or sundries. 

Essential Wipes Travel Tube
$3 per unit
Packaged in a recyclable plastic 
 10 applications per unit. 

This is an introductory product sold in cases of 12.  Low commitment for the customer.  Perfect for purses, backpacks, toiletry kits, first aid kits, cars, and diaper bags.

Essential Wipes Eco Pak 
$8.50 per unit 
  35 applications in a bag 
Packaged in a gusseted rice paper bag 
UPC: 799422804517

Designed to refill Essential Wipes travel tubes. Perfect for camping bins, daily bathroom use, or group experiences. 

Essential Wipes PR0 Pak 
$99 per unit 
500 applications in a bag total 
Packaged in gusseted rice paper bag
UPC: 708744182272

Great for hospitality, bulk use, or guiding a professional expedition. This is the best value purchase.  

Geared towards natural skin care, feminine hygiene and luxury travel. This product is specially designed for women whose primary concerns are using products that are good for the skin and truly all natural.

Value Propositions:
  • Natural - free of chemicals
  • Only 7 Botanical organic or wildcrafted ingredients
  • Ultra moisturizing without a greasy feel
  • High end aesthetic scent and texture
  • PH balanced
  • Safe for mucous membranes
  • Made out of renewable and natural bamboo
  • Biodegradable
Product Description:
Using the same technology of Essential Wipes - Starting with a dry tablet (about the size of a nickel) that is made out of pressed bamboo fabric, Functional Botanicals has a new therapeutic blend of essential oils. The new blend is designed to be ultra moisturizing, offering a more sophisticated and soft scent while being incredibly nourishing to the skin.
This product will stand out as truly the only “all natural facial wipe”, with superior ingredients, giving a radiant and delicious skin care experience. Travel packaging will come later.

Luna Wipes Product Suite

Featuring a theraputic blend of:
Bulgarian Rose Absolute, **Copaiba, *Frankincense, *Ylang Ylang and *Rose Geranium in a base of Organic *Fractionated Coconut Oil and *Argan Oil.
(*certified organic **wildcrafted)

Luna Wipes Eco Pak 
$10.00 per unit 
35 applications per bag
Packaged in a gusseted rice paper bag.

Perfect for natural skin care daily use, make up remover, feminine hygiene and travel.

Luna Wipes Travel Tube 
$3.50 per unit
10 applications per tube 
Packaged in an air tight plastic tube. 

Perfect for travel, use at the gym or any application on the go.  Introductory product. Low commitment for the customer
PRO Pak - 500 Count
500 Units per bag
Packaged in a rice paper bag

Bar back for professional services and guest hospitality.
Not for resale

Offer Luna Wipes as Hospitality to Your Guest

A fragrance-free wipe, we are offering this product due to the overwhelming request. Simple and pure, this product is just the bamboo wipes with nothing else.

Offered at a lower price point than our other wipes, this makes Simple Wipes more affordable for those who want the technology and the natural qualities of the dry wipe without the fragrance or therapeutic oils.
Simple Wipes Eco Pak
35 applications per unit
Packaged in gusseted rice paper bags
UPC: 7074418226

To Place an order with us:
  • email wholesale@functionalbotanicals.com
  • by phone - 541-708-1387