Hyaluronic Treatment Towelettes Refill Bag - 150 COUNT

Functional Botanicals

ONE 150 count refill bag. Perfect for refilling mini tins or your glass jar. 


Ingredients: *Argan Oil, Rose Absolute, Vanilla Absolute, Hyaluronic Acid *

Hyaluronic acid offers a multitude of remarkable benefits for the skin, making it a
coveted ingredient in skincare routines. Renowned for its exceptional ability to retain
moisture, hyaluronic acid intensely hydrates the skin, resulting in a plump, supple
complexion. Furthermore, hyaluronic acid's gentle nature makes it suitable for all skin
types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin, as it doesn't clog pores or cause
irritation. Its inherent capacity to enhance the skin's natural barrier function contributes
to improved texture and a radiant glow. By promoting healthy collagen production and
aiding in the healing process, hyaluronic acid is a versatile skincare gem that fosters a resilient, smoother, and altogether more vibrant complexion.

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